Mining Profitable Online

How mining online has made it more profitable?

So back in the days, to mine Bitcoin you would use your computer CPU or GPU to mine. The processes speeds would mine coins. Now it has gone to Asics miners and big machines that cost thousands of pounds to build and use. But there are ways of mining online. And that makes it more profitable.

I do say that you need to research on the sites you are going to use and I will show you the ones I use and have had the most success with. The sites I am using now and what coins are doing well in the market.

I can see crypto coins been around for long time and with the market influx and coins gaining strength. There is good chance you can invest money into crypto coins for future profits. I am currently using Bitcoin on Cloud mining, and I also have my Desktop PC Mining Zcash with a GPU. That is working well to.

Check my stats so Far for Bitcoin. Using Bitsrapid.


bitsrapid, Bitcoin, Cloud mining
Proof of Payment for Bitsrapid

Join Bitsrapid for Free Now

If you want to see how to buy power on bitsrapid and use the site then watch my video and it will show you how to use the site. Very good system.


Please Comment below with any Coins you interested in mining on cloud and I will investigate and let you know what I think. I do use another site called HashFlare which I have had no problems with. But I find bitsrapid pays me the best out of what I put in.

Here is a Screen shot my Wallet to show the coins I am using and my Profits:


If you want to use this kind of wallet is called Coinpayments: has over 50 different crypto Currencies


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