This nifty bag is ideal for festivals, camping, trekking and traveling or if you are super fit, is perfect for washing at work after a healthy cycle in.
If you’ve been to festivals before then you’ll know that trying to have a wash just isn’t worth the effort of getting up at a ridiculous hour and spending most of your day queuing, ending up with facilities so bad that there isn’t much point in even being there – better to just push on through to Monday, right? Wrong!

With the Wash Kit you can wash from inside your own tent! As the name suggests you don’t need water or a basin. Instead, just apply the No Rinse liquid directly & generously to your body or hair, work into a lather to lift the dirt from your hair and skin – ready to be removed by thoroughly towel drying. It’s simple, quick, hygienic and convenient. Use Nilaqua® Body Wash with our Expanding Wipes to help clean you or your camping equipment.

The SmileSaver consists of a quality toothbrush with soft bristles that contains a single application of minted toothpaste; all combined in one compact unit. Simply push the head of the brush into the handle, toothpaste will rise through the bristles. Brush your teeth and dispose in the nearest recycling bin! No rinsing required, no foam, no mess, it’s so easy!!

Wash Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Smilesaver
  • 1 x 4pack Expanding Wipes
  • 1 x Nilaqua® Shampoo 65ml
  • 1 x Nilaqua® Bodywash 65ml
  • 1 x Alcohol Free Sanitiser 50ml

Please note image may vary ever so slightly.

Grab your Self a Wash Kit now


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