Sendlane Autoresponder Review

Not long ago I published an article on building an email subscription list and why they’re so important to your online business ventures. And today I’d like to bring your attention to one tool that can help you build that all-important list and turn it into hard profits.

Sendlane Autoresponder is designed to help you capture email addresses, turn them into leads and ultimately convert users into paying customers. I tried a good number of autoresponders before I came across Sendlane – some pretty good, other not so much – and you’ll see why I’ve stuck with Sendlane ever since by the time you’re done with this review.

Sendlane features


We may as well start at the top and dive right into looking at the features Sendlane has to offer. This is one of the best things about the platform too – it simply does more for you than the other autoresponders I’ve used.

• Email marketing: Grow your email list, create beautiful email campaigns and send your newsletters/content – all from the same dashboard.
• Analytics: Sendlane’s analytics technology allows you to track the performance of your marketing efforts, spot new opportunities and improve results.
• Marketing automation: Use customer behaviour to automate your marketing efforts, based on the actions they take and preferences they show.
• Landing pages: Create stunning landing pages in a matter of minutes to help you sell products faster and grow your email list even further.


Many autoresponders let you create full email marketing campaigns and a good number of them offer some sort of analytics. It’s the landing page builder that really sets Sendlane’s features apart, though. That’s not only helped me with my email marketing efforts, but improved by PPC performance, helped me sell my services and speed the whole process up while I’m at it.


Fees and pricing

Something else you’ll appreciate with Sendlane is how simple its pricing structure is. I’ve used some decent autoresponders that have let me down with confusing pricing structures or hidden fees. I’m glad to say that hasn’t been a problem with Sendlane and I also like how the firm increments its fees based on how many contacts you have. You can see the pricing structure on the website, but I’ll summarise it for you:

Up to 2,500 contacts: $19/month
Up to 5,000 contacts: $49/month
Up to 10,000 contacts: $69/month
Up to 25,000 contacts: $149/month
Up to 50,000 contacts: $269/month
Up to 100,000 contacts: $499/month

That’s it. No hidden fees, no complications and you can scale up as your contact list grows, keeping it nice and cost-effective all the way.

Interface and usability


Take a look at the video above and you’ll see how clean the Sendlane interface is. It looks great, feels just as good and it keeps all the functions you need no more than a few clicks away. I largely put this down to the fact Sendlane has been developed by experienced marketers who felt let down by the existing crop of autoresponders. Jimmy Kim and co. felt the platforms they were using lacked some key features and didn’t perform the way they wanted – so they built their own.
The good news for us email marketers is all their hard work is our gain, because I’m yet to find an autoresponder that ticks as many boxes as this one.

Customer service and support


As with any software platform you always want to know you have the backup of a good technical support team, should something go wrong. I can’t comment on the quality of technical support myself, as I haven’t run in to any problems in the year I’ve been using Sendlane. Although, I should point out they only offer email support and, while this isn’t particularly unusual for an online platform, I always like to see phone support offered.
On the plus side, you will find a pretty extensive Knowledge Base on their website. There are nearly 200 articles, based on common questions the firm receives, which should help you find the answers you need, except for some particularly technical issues perhaps. Once again, all I can say is I haven’t had any problems myself, although I have used the Knowledge Base on a few occasions to point me in the right direction.

Overall verdict


Overall, I have to say I’ve been thrilled with Sendlane since I started using it in the early days of 2015. Almost as soon as I signed up it became obvious the landing page builder would become a big feature in my marketing efforts – not only with email, but my paid advertising and promoting my services too.
The simple pricing structure is no small thing either, because it sucks feeling like you’re being taken for a ride by hidden fees and unnecessary complications. I’ve used cheaper autoresponders for sure, but I wouldn’t recommend some of them to my worst business foes (if I had any, that is).
Aside from features and fees, I feel I should make one more mention of the whole Sendlane user experience. The dashboard itself is a breeze to use and the online Knowledge Base is always there if you hit any roadblocks. My only concern is a lack of phone support, but I haven’t had any problems yet to need it. In short, the best thing I can say about Sendlane is it’s made my email marketing efforts more effective and I haven’t looked back once since signing up.

Get SendLane HERE



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