The Blackheart Orchestra


The Blackheart Orchestra are a British singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist duo comprising long term collaborators Chrissy Mostyn and Richard Pilkington.

The band blend musical styles in a non-conformist way seamlessly sidestepping boundaries to create their unique, highly individual, emotion-drenched music.

This amazing band I got to meet in your not usual way. They had vehicle trouble and I managed to get them to safer location. In order to get someone to Fix there vehicle. I am Glad I was there to help them out. Amazing people to meet.

I have been listening to there Promo Cd that they gave me. Wow is the words I say. The music is unique sound that they produce. It is a must listen. And you will enjoy it.

Well Here is one of there tracks sourced from Spotify. Great Listen.


They are busy touring at the moment. Here are some tour dates and you can book tickets on there site.

Tour Dates

Below are the Tour dates if you interested then here is a link to there Site Tour Dates


 New Album

So they have Teamed up with Pledgemusic.
There you can buy there album and the best thing is that they are giving. 5% of funds will be donated to the Society for abandoned animals (SAA) who do a great job in re-homing orphan pets. What a great opportunity for you to support a great charity and a band that has come a long way and producing amazing music.
Well to finish off I am looking to book a few tickets my self when they come near to Bristol. Which is going to be amazing. I look forward to meeting them again and listening to there great music.


Have a look at there website here and follow them on many social media sites below.

The BlackHeart Orchestra


Follow Them On Youtube





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