My Journey as a crypto guru

I have been interested in cryptocurrency and crypto mining for over 10 years. I have seen many crypto-currencies come and go. There have been lots of hype on some coins that never really made a mark fro them selves.

Others Like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Zcash are increasing like no other I have ever seen. The coins I just mentioned are probably the best valued at the current market. And with GPU mining and ASIC mining its possible to earn an income with crypto.

I mine with a GPU RIG and I also Cloud mine Bitcoin as I find with cloud mining it saves on electrical costs and buying expensive ASIC Miners. But, with GPU mining its really fun to be able to build a RIG. And choose what coins you want to mine to be the most profitable.

I thank all those that have supported me and followed me on YouTube. I have created some good videos to show you my progress. I have created tutorials and guides for you to use to setup your own mining rigs.

I think crypto currency will be the future and with new ICOs coming. Example: Electroneum. There is very good potential in the crypto world.

You might be interested in trading bitcoins or I am busy trading on autopilot through a system that I buy contracts and they trade for me Monday to Friday. I get paid daily. 1% roughly. The contracts last for 140 days. Its, nice to sit back let the system work for you

Its called USITECH.

Well I will keep you up to date on future plans. I do have a new site I have created for members. It’s $9.99 per a month and its a community to discuss problems in crypto mining and guides. Its not alot of money to ask for and I am giving you my time. I want to help people.

Join Me


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