Cloud mining worth it in 2017…?


Okay so I have researched this topic a bit extensively and I believe I have come to a conclusion, maybe some of you have came to the same one as me, who knows, lets see… Bitcoin is basically the entire backbone of all cryptos. I honestly could see bitcoin outperforming gold this year. If it’s possible than there could be way more barriers being broken for all cryptos I’d imagine.


Now back to the topic at hand…

So the cheapest “top of the line” miners are not only insanely large, noisy, and power hungry for the consumer market, that it really isn’t the most profitable investment in the long term. The hardware needs to not only be maintained by you but any damages as well. Then there’s powering them which isn’t cheap unless you have an unlimited supply of free energy. It’s a lot of stake to put in for people who are still just grinding just to survive.

All of these factors scare me from attempting to get into owning any mining equipment.

Now cloud mining is what is revolutionizing. It brings the convinience of mining except none of the physical requirement for doing (hense the name cloud mining). Now I know most on here are at least somewhat familiar with mining, see people constantly talking about it, of course we’re on a crypto platform! This is just a comparison to put it simply.

So to answer the question…


Is cloud mining worth it in 2017…?

Yes, this year is the year for cloud mining. The rates for gh/s have only gone down and making returns has never been easier.

Getting started is even easier and here is my list of favorite cloud mining sites that I approve of and have some merit to them (Note all mining companies have some slight risk but as does all crypto).

#1 Hashflare


HashFlare is the number one site with easy withdrawals. buy hash power and start mining. Sit back let the system work for you.


All in all, crypto is only growing as an idea, just as our consciousness is ever increasing with each passing day. So it’s best to be a part of it now early on so you can be ahead of the rat race. Decentralized currency is the future, time to embrace it.

LeadsLeap Review: How To Maximize Your Profits Using LeadsLeap

If traffic is a need for your business, and extra income is as well, then perhaps this LeadsLeap review will be the solution to both of those needs.

Leadsleap is a new platform that offers many features, and tools to help build a business online. I want to cover some of the tools, benefits, and even talk about how you can maximize your profits using the system.


Tools, Features, and Benefits

If you understand internet marketing, then you know you need certain tools to give you an advantage to building. offers the most important of these tools. Such as:

  • Real Tracker – The real tracker will track your visitors behavior when they are on your website. This really helps because you can learn what people seem to be interested in, and what they seem not so interest in. All professional internet marketers track everything they do online.
  • Pop-Up Ads – If you have been wishing to use a pop-up ad on your blog, here it is. You can customize it to what ever offer or giveaway you have in mind. Pop-up ads are responsible for about 80% of all lead conversions on my website, and the numbers are close with other professionals as well.
  • OTO – One Time Offer scripts, yours free to giveaway. Use them to find new leads
  • Traffic Exchange – This is by far the best traffic exchange around. The reason is because LeadsLeap does not use a timer and even rewards members for staying longer on your site. This helps improve bounce rates and time visitors stay, increasing your search engine visibility.
  • LeadsLeap Widget – Now you can get paid to blog, just like Google adsense. Adsense does not like work from home websites, and most are turned down. Now Leadsleap offers a widget for you to run ads of other websites, and be paid for every click they get.


How Do I Maximize My Profits With LeadsLeap?

This may be everyone’s favorite part. Increasing revenue. offers two types of memberships. Free members, and Pro-Members (monthly subscription)

Since free members get all the tools above, just like pro members, I want to focus on maximizing your profits as a pro-member. These same tactics can be used as a free member, but they will not be as much.


Revenue Shares

Leadsleap offers rev shares for its members. This is a way to earn money for just being active on the platform.


  • Daily Revenue Shares – This is where you get paid by the credits you earned that day using LeadsLeap. As a pro member they are doubled. Also since you are a pro member, you do not need credits to run ads. This means you either can drive traffic to your blog without spending time on Leadsleap, or you can sell your credits earned back to LeadsLeap. So this is the best way to not only get double credits, but get double credits twice a day.
  • Weekly Revenue Shares – Using LeadsLeap widget, you can earn weekly rev shares from the clicks you receive on the widget. Increase these shares by placing the widget in as many places as you possibly can online, because the amount of credits and shares you earn are unlimited.
  • Affiliate Commissions – Again these are doubled as a pro-member, so with just 2 referrals who become pro members, you are getting all the benefits at no cost. Free members get 25% of upgrades, and pro members get 50%. More reason to be a pro member.

If you have an additional device that you can access the internet with, you can run LeadsLeap all day and increase credits tremendously. This will increase your profits of course, and help you learn more on internet marketing strategies used by your competition.


Leadsleap is a great tool for any online business owner for several reasons, and the benefits may increase as the platform grows.

To read the entire full length LeadsLeap review and other leadsleap reviews I have written, you can visit my official website and read the full length post LeadsLeap Review: How To Maximize Your Profits Using LeadsLeap

A huge benefit of joining LeadsLeap through THIS TEAM HERE is the downline messages you will receive will be private invites to mastermind training webinars with top experts and marketers. This giving you more advantages, helping you learn more strategies, and increasing your traffic through other sources.


New Feature: Free Autoresponder To Build Your Own List

When using the PopupXpert to capture leads, one common question that members ask is “Where can I see the opt-in contacts?”.

Our answer had been “You need to link the popup with your own autoresponder”.

That was when these members frown, because they didn’t have an autoresponder and were not ready to pay a monthly fee for one.

Then one member feedbacked to me that all he needed was a simple way to capture leads and requested that we provide this service.

After much consideration, we decided to add an autoresponder into our system.

How To Use Our Autoresponder System

Step 1 – Create a list

First, go to ‘My List‘ and click ‘Add a new list’.

Step 2 – Set up the Autoresponder

When someone opts-in to your list, our system will automatically send an autoresponder to this person.

If you provide an opt-in offer, you can use this autoresponder to deliver the offer.

Otherwise, you can write a simple welcome message.

It is a must to set up the autoresponder, otherwise, the double opt-in function will be disabled.

To set up the autoresponder, simply click the button shown below and fill up the details.

It is important to note that you must enter a valid and reachable email address for the autoresponder so that you can be contacted.

Step 3 – Set up the Mass Mailer (Optional)

This is an optional step.

If you want broadcast emails to the list, you’ll have to set up the SMTP mailer.

SMTP is a mailing feature provided by most web hosting companies. It allows you to send emails via your own domain.

To set up the SMTP, click Button 1 shown below. You may have to contact your hosting support for the correct parameters to enter.

Once you do that, you will be able to broadcast emails to your list. To broadcast an email, click Button 2.

Warning: Gmail provides free SMTP service, but it is against their terms to use it for mass mailing. It’s best not to use Gmail SMTP for this purpose.

Some companies offer free smtp service. Simply google ‘free smtp’ and you’ll find plenty. What is important is check their terms. Some of them do not allow email sending in the IM niche.

Step 4 – Capture Leads

To capture leads, you need to use the PopupXpert to create an opt-in form.

For those who are new to the PopupXpert, it is a powerful widget creator that you can use to create both onpage widget as well as different kinds of popups.

To link the popup to your list, you simply have to click on ‘Opt-in Form Settings‘.

Select ‘Internal List‘ and click ‘Get List ID‘.

Click on the list that you want to link to and click Save.

That’s it.

When people opt-in, the system will automatically verify their email addresses and send them the autoresponder message.

If you have set up the SMTP, you can send broadcast emails to them. Otherwise, you can contact them one by one, since you now have their email addresses.

Its Limitation

The autoresponder doesn’t come with automatic follow-up feature, i.e. you cannot set up a series of follow-up emails. If you want to do that, you’ll have to use a professional autoresponder service or use our OTO List Builder script.

Although the autoresponder system is not comparable to professional autoresponder systems, it is a free and neat alternative for budding netrepreneurs.

Give it a try. I hope you’ll like it.


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Bitcoin Investors Beware: Ripple/XRP Price Skyrockets

Bitcoin’s recent surge has dominated public attention the past few weeks;, however, on the 23rd of August, the XRP price also experienced a spike in value, raising its market cap to $11.2bn from $6.6bn the previous day. The cryptocurrency’s total capitalisation subsequently settled down before bumping up again on the 29th. It is holding steady around $8.4bn at the time of publication.

Three Reasons the XRP Price Increased

Firstly, Ripple (the company behind the cryptocurrency) is benefitting from XRP’s adoption amongst big banks who are taking advantage of its fast transaction speed and secure network. This allows for effective intra-bank trading as financial institutions are finally able to escape the limitations of the current outdated infrastructure. Ripple has also admitted that they have sold their currency to established banks at a discount to encourage them to become market makers and confer greater legitimacy to the project.

Secondly, Ripple recently met with a group of bankers, academics and industry influences to both discuss the cryptocurrency’s future and encourage cooperation between China and the US when it comes to the development of digital currencies. Shortly after the news, XRP’s price enjoyed its second bump in value. This is hardly a surprise – as more respected individuals associate themselves with the project, the subsequent increase in credibility is matched by an increase in value. Ripple is unashamedly aware of this and is known for stimulating credibility to fuel XRP’s valuation. For instance, the company recently invited Anja Manuel (an official from the US State Department) to their board of directors to provide support for their upcoming expansion into China. As a further example, Ripple has announced they will be holding a mid-October event in Toronto and will feature guests like Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Dr Ben Bernanke. When you get the father of the World Wide Web and an ex-chairman of the Fed in the same room, people start to pay attention.

Thirdly, an enormous amount of XRP trading occurs in Korea. 40% of all global trading volume in the past few weeks occurred between XRP and KRW (South Korean Won), suggesting that sentiment in the Asian markets played a big part in the cryptocurrency’s price spike. This is supported by an overall hike in crypto prices last week after the jitters caused by North Korea’s recent missile launch pumped the value of altcoins before investors flipped the coins for a quick return.


If the past few weeks have shown us anything beyond the fact that predicting the value of cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly complex, it’s that credibility should not be underestimated. While Bitcoin has always had the first mover advantage, the currency’s recent and potential forks may push investors to move their funds towards a more reliable cryptocurrency. Ripple will undoubtedly ensure that XRP is perfectly placed to fill that demand.

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