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Is this the Rise and Fall of Bitcoin?

With Bitcoin rising to new levels there is alot of speculation that Bitcoin Bubble is going to burst. Check this out:

By Ryan Scribner

This guy talks about bitcoin could have a drastic fall in the coming months or year. There are alot of factors for the market to crash but with so many players in the game i think at moment bitcoin is safe.

I think to be profitable and safe it is advisable to buy an external wallet that is loaded with bitcoins and kept offline. That would be the best. A alot of sites and markets have been hacked and millions of Dollars have been stolen. Recent months. Example Nicehash Have just got hacked:


Its all over the Internet as bitcoin rises new sites seem to be getting hacked. And as bitcoin is virtual its very hard to get them back. And this making it a very scary thing.

But overall I think cryptocurrency as a whole you need to store your wealth in safe locations offline. Hackers will try any way to get your hard earned money. And this could impact the market. Sending it crashing.

There are a couple good external wallets you can buy:

Trezor Wallet £97

Ledger USB wallet £88

Keepkey Launch £136

Be extra secure and careful with your coins.