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Ways to Earn An Income with Bitcoin 2017

So I have been trialing a couple of systems for the last couple months and i have decided to let you know the ways I have found that have helped me earn an income in bitcoin. I have spread my money out as this gives me a better outcome and If one does not perform I have not got all my “Eggs in One Basket”. Spread your investments out to get the best returns.

One Thing I must say is that Cryptocurrency is a Volatile Market. It is up and down. And I ask you to do your research. This information I am going to show you is just a guide and this is my progress on what I have achieved. Your Goals or amount you could earn could be higher or lower I cant guarantee anything so that is why this information is for Guidance. Important!!

My List for 2017

  1. Hashflare : Cloud Mining Bitcoin – I have a lot of success with Hashflare, I have been with them for over two years, They are by far the best Cloud mining site around. I have invested over $350 and with the current bitcoin rise I now earn around $8 a Day. And this is rising like no other. I like that you can reinvest or just sit back let the system work for you. I withdraw on a monthly basis. That gives me a better return.
  2. USI-TECH : Trade Bitcoins on Autopilot, USI-TECH allows me to buy BTC Packages for $50 roughly they last for 140 Days at a Return of 1% Daily Mon to FRI only. I have 3 Packages and I reinvest 100% at moment. I am building them up to 25 packages. Then I will reinvest 70% withdraw 30% this system works well for me and I have had some good success. It is a world-wide business. Based in Dubai. It’s free to sign up which I liked and I have created videos on getting my account setup. In the future with bitcoin on the rise this investment will be a good one for me.
  3. Bitterx: This a nice way I can trade different cryptocurrencies. I am learning to trade with my friend and we are making some good profits. It’s all about learning about the trends and when to buy and sell. But with some practice and guidance anyone can do it. Just do some research and choose wisely the most expensive coins are not always the most profitable
  4. Clickfunnels Affiliate: I have been an affiliate for clickfunnels for over a year and I have made over $1000 as a part-time marketer. There is potential to make $10k a month or more it depends on the work and effort you put in. I do enjoy writing good articles and showing people how they can earn an income promoting clickfunnels. I joined Affiliate bootcamp which taught me everything I needed to know and gives me support for life.

So These are the Top systems that are paying me the best at the moment. I mine crypto currency and I also teach people how to start. I enjoy helping others. I just thought I would give you this to show you what I am doing.

The most important thing is to do your research and plan. Then you need hard work, Determination and anyone can be successful. Only you can make it work. This is your journey.

Well if you want to learn more Follow me on YouTube

Tools I use: 

Coinpayments Crypto Wallet

Xapo Bitcoin Debit Card





My Journey as a crypto guru

I have been interested in cryptocurrency and crypto mining for over 10 years. I have seen many crypto-currencies come and go. There have been lots of hype on some coins that never really made a mark fro them selves.

Others Like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Zcash are increasing like no other I have ever seen. The coins I just mentioned are probably the best valued at the current market. And with GPU mining and ASIC mining its possible to earn an income with crypto.

I mine with a GPU RIG and I also Cloud mine Bitcoin as I find with cloud mining it saves on electrical costs and buying expensive ASIC Miners. But, with GPU mining its really fun to be able to build a RIG. And choose what coins you want to mine to be the most profitable.

I thank all those that have supported me and followed me on YouTube. I have created some good videos to show you my progress. I have created tutorials and guides for you to use to setup your own mining rigs.

I think crypto currency will be the future and with new ICOs coming. Example: Electroneum. There is very good potential in the crypto world.

You might be interested in trading bitcoins or I am busy trading on autopilot through a system that I buy contracts and they trade for me Monday to Friday. I get paid daily. 1% roughly. The contracts last for 140 days. Its, nice to sit back let the system work for you

Its called USITECH.

Well I will keep you up to date on future plans. I do have a new site I have created for members. It’s $9.99 per a month and its a community to discuss problems in crypto mining and guides. Its not alot of money to ask for and I am giving you my time. I want to help people.

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